ASAP coworking
Project title
ASAP coworking

Project description
Restoration of two floors in a building near Milan’s Central Station for coworking. 
Direct assignment

Milan (Italy)


Project team
Architecture: It’s

Concept, planning of space and interior design of fixtures and furniture


Design data
Gross surface area: 1,320 sqm

The project to restore offices for coworking use for ASAP, the first European HUB dedicated to experiential technologies, investigates the role of architecture in new working dynamics and new sectors of research, building a place, both real and virtual, in which the ideas and projects of young I.T. companies can merge.
The project is based on design, material, lighting and furniture choices aimed to conjure up and favour the strong experiential aspect that the location houses, making clear and immediate distinctions of spaces.
At the same time the project carefully takes in the values of the context to generate new connections. 
The building that will house the HUB is located in the centre of Milan and seen from inside the large façade windows frame some of the city’s icons in the surrounding area: the central station, Pirelli Tower and Assicurazioni Generali’s offices on Via Vittor Pisani. A continuous surface in polished aluminium enhances and activates the relationship with the exterior, doubling that perception. Portions of the stereometric facades reflect into the internal walls, bringing the city into the work place in a constant and prolific dialogue.
ASAP is a young HUB of cutting edge technology in events and communication, where currently innovative fields of research are applied: Augmented Reality, Physical Web, Event Analytics & Tracking, Virtual Reality Immersiva, Body Interfaces, Automated Assistance (drones & robots).